So Do You Really Want To Buy A Vineyard?

So Do You Really Want To Buy A Vineyard?

There are many reasons why people want to buy a vineyard. There are the amateur wine makers who wish to branch out from producing wine as a hobby at home, there are people who want to make money from it, there are people who already have a vineyard but wish to expand and there are people who want to buy a vineyard simply because they like wine. There are 2 main questions you should ask yourself before you even think of considering the challenge further and devote time to research. The first question you should ask yourself is ‘Do you have any experience at producing wine?’ and the second is ‘How much money can I afford to invest into a project?’

Let’s look at the first consideration. You may be the person who has produced wine at home from wine kits and feel that you would like to get into the business. Well there is a huge leap to make to producing it yourself. The location of your winery is of prime importance ensuring that the climate is suited to the type of grapes you are thinking of growing. Secondly the soil has to be taken into consideration as different soil types can vastly affect harvests. If you do not have any scientific background you are immediately going to need to hire experts in this particular field. The second consideration is the money. Vineyard land can cost anywhere between £35,000 to £150,000 per acre before the grapes are even planted. You can assume an average cost of £20,000 per acre to plant the vines and then a maintenance cost of around £10,000 to take you up to your first harvest after three years at which time you will be producing approximately 2 tons of grapes per acre. After five years this should rise to 5 tons at which time you may even make a profit. Up to now, however, your total expense on just one acre has been well over £100,000!

Ok, so you have now got your grapes and it is time to go through the fermentation process. Wine is generally fermented in oak barrels and can take anywhereBuy A Vineyard between 1 and 4 years depending on whether you are producing a fresh white wine or a robust red. The oak barrels are the best form of storage for this process but are quite expensive to buy ranging from £100 for second hand to £500 for new. Once the fermentation process is complete you can begin the bottling of your wine which will cost between £3-£10 per case for the incidentals such as bottles, corks and labels.

Selling your wine is generally done through traditional methods such as holding tasting sessions where customers then pay the retail price for the wines of their choice, or by direct sale to a list of customers on mail order. The best method of selling your wine quickly and in bulk is through a distribution outlet who will market your wine to a number of retail outlets. Be warned, however, that this is by far the most expensive method with distributors taking an average of 40% discount on the retail price. So if you are going to buy a vineyard make sure you have a very friendly bank manager to help you through the first 5 years!

Buy A Vineyard – The Virtual Kind

At the other end of the spectrum, if you still have the urge to buy a vineyard you could take the route of the Virtual Vineyard. Without investing thousands in a winery itself, all you need is a phone , internet connection and some good marketing skills. You develop a range of contacts from whom you would buy the grapes, usually frozen, dispatch them to a production plant where they are crushed, bottled, labelled and held in storage awaiting shipping. You would sell your wine usually through internet marketing. This way may not be as satisfying as the real thing but can generally produce a reasonable income without the risks.

And finally….

Buy A Vineyard With A Guaranteed Profit

Buy A VineyardLos Pandos has the perfect solution for all you budding wine enthusiasts. Forget the huge and risky expense of the real thing, and the hard work of the Virtual Vineyard. At Los Pandos where their latest investment opportunities are now available, you can own a share in their 200 hectare vineyard with an outlay of just £5000. All investments are asset backed and offer returns of up to 39% return on investment over a 3 year period. As an investor you will be entitled to sudsidised trips to the Los Pandos complex where you can see the operation in full flow, discuss your requirements and perhaps enjoy a glass or two of wine….get full details at Buy A Vineyard – Without The Hassle.

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The Los Pandos “Buy A Vineyard” Offer

The Los Pandos “Buy A Vineyard” Offer

Aimed at the discerning investor, Los Pandos estate covering over 800 hectares in theBuy A Vineyard heart of Albacete province is pleased to announce a very attractive investment opportunity in its’ vineyard which makes up over 10% of the total estate and currently has 180,000 vines in operation.

There is a massive development strategy taking place at Los Pandos currently which includes a total update of the vineyard in order to incorporate modernisation of the existing buildings and increase the production of the new line of Los Pandos wines. The directors have plans to build a complete ECO village around the estate and are embarking upon a worldwide marketing campaign to gain recognition for their project. There will be a number of ongoing offers which will be made available to the public who are keen to buy a vineyard share. The first offer which was made at the start of the development in 2008 was oversubscribed, which reflected the generous offer of 12.5% per annum fixed rate of return over 2 years.

Buy A Vineyard Brochure

Phase 1 of the project is now under way with the Company looking to raise €1.5 million for further construction work related to utilities and licensing. As with the founding offer this vineyard investment opportunity gives investors the security of a guaranteed fixed return over 3 years, the rate dependent on the amount invested. Accepted currencies include the Euro, GBP, US Dollar and Swiss Francs and the investment starts from as little as €5000. Investors who take part in this phase of the development will have preferred status in relation to further offers in the future. For a full prospectus on rates for higher amounts of investment click on Get Your Buy A Vineyard Brochure

Feasability Study Confirms You Can Buy A Vineyard With Guarantees

As part of the feasibility study for the project, Madrid University undertook a study which focussed on identifying which particular type of grape would perform the best in the various plots of the vineyard, thus ensuring the correct decisions can be made in areas such as fermentation and storage times. The Los Pandos scientific team have experience worldwide having worked in Chile, New Zealand and Argentina as well as more locally in Rioja. Once completed the winery is expected to produce some 250,000 bottles of very high quality wine each year. It is far more prudent to buy a vineyard which takes the attitude of quality rather than quantity.

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Buy A Vineyard In Spain

Are You Looking To Buy A Vineyard In Spain?

Let’s face it, is there anybody who hasn’t had an inkling to buy a vineyard?

Wine has been a part of our culture for many generations and nearly every ancient civilisation has some history of it. Archaeology has proved its’ existence with many findsBuy A Vineyard relating in some way to the history of wine. New world wines may be the current bestsellers in the marketplace, but perhaps the best and most well known production regions centre around the Mediterranean where wine has been produced for thousands of years B.C. Egypt and Greece are believed to be the oldest regions with Italy, France and Germany only slightly behind.

As wine became an integral part of all things religious, wine production in Europe fell under the control of the Catholic Church before becoming a profitable venture for many rich landowners. Vineyards close to city centres, mostly in France and Germany, accounted for a steep rise in wine commerce at this time. At the beginning of the 1400’s methods of producing wine improved greatly and our current classic wines such as Champagne and Bordeaux can be traced back to this era. Holland and Belgium were not to be left out as their citizens had a fabulous choice of wines not only from France and Germany but also the up and coming regions of Portugal and Spain. Algeria is thought to be the first wine growing region in the African continent with vineyards now being cultivated in Southern Mediterranean countries. For the majority of us wine is a drink that can enhance our lives in so many ways from being a pleasant distraction from our everyday stressful lives to toasting the most important occasions.

Is Spain The Best Place To Buy A Vineyard?

Wine cultivation was developed in Spain by the Romans. However, they were not the first as vineyards in Jerez and Cadiz are thought to have dated as far back as 200 B.C. Business developed between Spanish and North African traders with Spain growing in stature as a powerful wine producing region, taking advantage of the perfect climate to produce real quality wines. Nearing present day the most famous Spanish wines come from the region of Rioja, where although the quality suffered through a period of over production during the 60’s and 70’s, producers now have stricter controls over the quantity of wine produced.

If you are one of those people who have had the desire to buy a vineyard, or merely wish to be part of a vineyard for sale in Spain the concept of Dominio de los Pandos is one you should certainly consider. Modern technology has ensured that wine production in Spain has reached its’ most efficient ever and the country now produces probably the best quality Spanish wine of all time. However there is still the school of thought amongst many that the original traditional methods of wine growing are still the best. It is true that the production of a fine wine cannot be rushed, but the challenge for modern producers is to balance the ever increasing demand for Spanish wines without sacrificing the individual features of the wine itself. Los Pandos Vineyard recognises this challenge and has imposed strict guidelines in its’ quest for perfection. If you are to buy a vineyard in this region you will be investing in a company that brings out the true potential of its’ winery. Grape selection is matched to the land characteristics to ensure maximum potential which leads to conservative production but top quality. The highest consideration is applied to the purity of the grapes used for the final wine batch and the minimum of artificial methods employed.

Investment Opportunities To Buy A Vineyard In Los Pandos

Buy A VineyardLos Pandos is a region of Eastern Spain in the province of Albacete, a rich, fertile environment enjoying high levels of subterranean water. Set in glorious countryside, it is home to nearly 200,000 vines which were planted over 20 years ago. Centrally situated in the vineyard is a beautiful Spanish cortijo. The cortijo has a stunning courtyard and has been fully refurbished to an opulent standard and forms the central hub of the development which will soon be completed as a luxury hotel and leisure facility. This is an opportune time to consider the advantages of investing in Spain and if you really do wish to buy a vineyard, Los Pandos certainly ticks all the boxes.

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